Конкурсы и гранты

Лучшая журналистская историко-краеведческая работа (неопубликованная ранее)

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Научный историко-краеведческий труд (публикации не позднее 2012 года)

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«История родного края: события, личности» в художественной литературе.

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Вторник, 31 Июля 2012 22:01

Загадки родного края

«Загадки родного края»: грант для учащихся общеобразовательных школ и гимназий. К рассмотрению принимаются научные работы и рисунки.

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The Tennessee Titans have rescheduled practice so they can watch the first eclipse to grace the continental United States in 38 years. Elvis Dumervil JerseysThe Baltimore Ravens prefer to watch film.

During the peak time to see the cosmic event, Joe Flacco Jerseysthis Monday, the Ravens will be sitting in meetings.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh asked Saturday whether the eclipse could be seen in Maryland. A reporter told him that the sun will be 80 percent covered by the moon.

"Eighty percent? It's not 100 percent here?" C.J. Mosley JerseysHarbaugh said with a smile. "We're chasing perfection here."

If the Ravens were to do something, the team would need to find a lot of protective glasses.

"I don't want to blind anybody," Harbaugh said.

To put it in perspective, Dennis Pitta JerseysHarbaugh was in high school and general manager Ozzie Newsome was in his second year as a Cleveland Browns tight end when the last eclipse could been seen by the entire United States.